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VESC 4.12 with Direct FET technology


  • Image of VESC 4.12 with Direct FET technology
  • Image of VESC 4.12 with Direct FET technology

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Based on version 4.12 VESC firmware!

Features the latest DirectFET technology for better thermal management, increased output and full FOC capability.

Be sure to choose the connector option best suited for your application in the drop down menu. If you need something that is not listed please feel free to contact us and make a request!

Sensored & Sensorless Motor Control
Powerful starting torque on sensorless motors
Dual aluminium heatsink
Regenerative braking with Regenerative Battery Current Control
FOC Control for near silent operation
Bluetooth compatible Ackmaniac Firmware V3.102
amp-hour and watt-hour counting
Over Voltage protection
Current and voltage monitoring
Soft backoff for over current & over temp
Low & High Voltage limits
Adjustable Motor & Battery Current Limits

Width: 39 mm
Length: (including capacitor bank) 110 mm
Max Thickness: 18 mm

Hardware Specs_
Voltage Rating: 8v - 60v (3s to 13s li-ion)
Constant Current: 80 A, 120+ A momentary peak
Control Interface: PPM, Analog, UART, USB, CAN-bus,

VESC Hardware is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Made in the USA!